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Our Staff

CarolinCarolyn Louie-Jones

I Carolyn Louie-Jones am a wife, mother and grandmother. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and moved o San Diego in 1978. I worship and serve at New Creation Church in San Diego. My secular career has been in the insurance industry and I am currently the Employee Benefits Account Manager at an agency in Mission Valley.

The desire to help others has always been in my heart and I have been blessed to do that in my personal and spiritual experiences. The Lord placed Sister Trena Bennett in my life to enable me to be a blessing to others through her GospelCise Fitness & Wellness Ministries. As an instructor my goal is to be an encouragement to the mature exerciser. Our body is the temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells and we must cherish the gift God has given us. I live to serve and look forward to serving Him wherever He places me


It was a sunny bright Wednesday when I reached my goal. I had just finished the mile in 8 minutes. Before I use to run the mile in 11 minutes I was 16 years old and this was the age when exercise became my passion. I began to see changes in my body and my health overall improve dramatically. After running I started to do aerobics which are really fun and challenging. Within few months my body dropped many inches I went from weighting 130 to 112 pounds. What I needed to focus on was my eating habits which helped my active performances throughout the day by giving me more energy. I also noticed that my spirit was calmed because the stress on daily bases was overcome with physical activities and God’s help. I realized there are three main components to be healthy from inside out. How I am proud to say I am part of GospelCise ministries which is determine to help individuals reach their goals as I once did and to build a personal relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

JuliaJulia A. Bland

Born: April 4, 1957 (Beeville, TX)
Mother/Grandmother: Deceased son, Marcus; daughter Misty & 2 grandsons, Jonah & Dominic
Parents: Mother Andrea
Graduated: Mar Vista High School, Imperial Beach, CA
Attended: Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, Ca, received 14 units of General Studies
Career: First 5 years of my working career was in Electronics and the last 24 years working for Department of Defense, NAS North Island.

As a young teenager, my younger sister and I grew up with my mother’s phobia against being overweight instilled in our heads; therefore I began measuring myself worth through my outer appearance vice my inner beauty. I struggled with this for many years and had to use vices like bench eating, diet pills and even going as far as using illegal drugs i.e. Speed, cocaine, crystal and any other drugs that would help me to lose my appetite for food. Did I forget to mention that at that time my metabolism was at its peek and I didn’t have a weight problem but whenever I looked in the mirror I saw a different image, a much fatter image? This is also when I became aware that other females around me shared a mutual struggle with self worth and needing validation from the opposite sex and their peers. Even though I was consumed with my weight appearance I did have another passion and that was to become a professional dancer but even though this would never be realized I found another way to fulfill my passion and that was through physical fitness.

The past 13 years of my drive comes from being stricken with a condition called Fibromyalgia and the loss of my son 17 years ago. The first year was unbearable that I almost couldn’t move nor get out of bed because the pain was excruciating but I had no other choice because I needed the almighty dollar. At one point I feared that I was physically going to die but after researching and learning more about this condition I found this not to be true but never-the-less the pain was still unbearable and I absolutely refused to let this condition defeat me and take away the quality of my life, therefore I knew I had to incorporate a change of lifestyle and reevaluate how I could change my condition. It required me to discipline my eating habits, modifying my physical activity and introducing my life with Christianity that has helped transform my spirit, mind and body into a healthier, happier and a more physically fit individual. My desire to be a fitness instructor is so I may have the opportunity to share my experiences and to better aid those individuals who might be lacking motivation, confidence or stricken with a disability that through good nutrition, a good exercise program and a good spiritual foundation that not only can you but you will gain back your independence and self worth.


I am 34 years old. I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children. For about eight years I have dedicated myself to my children. I was a stayed home mom and an apartment manager for Scott and Quinn property management. For these many years, I felt like I put my education on hold because I dedicated myself to my children’s education their necessities and my work. After my youngest son turned five years old and started kindergarten, I decided that it was my turn to start doing more for me. I started going to Center City Adult School and got my GED out of the way. After that I started taking classes at City College for about a year. Ever since I was younger there was always the thought in my mind of becoming a hair dresser. So in November, 14 2006, I started beauty school at the California Hair Design Academy in La Mesa, Ca, and Graduating on December 19, 2007. Then took the State Board Exam of January, 11, 2008 and got my license that very same day. In the summer of June 2006 I found out about this gymnasium when I was living in the town home village just a block away. I started attending the classes, I liked it and ever since that day I have been participating. Exercising is one of my passions. If I don’t exercise I feel like am missing something very important. I had participated in ballet, yoga, modern dance, tap, and Jazz. I have done circuit training weights and now aerobics. Now I am an aerobics instructor in training under the leadership, trainings and teachings of Trena Bennett and I’m very happy to be part of this godly team.


Class Locations

Martin Luther King Rec. Center 6401 Skyline drive
San Diego, CA 92114
Monthly nutrition workshops & Prayer before each class affordable rates: any question? contact Trena at 788-8684

Mondays @ 5:30-6:30p.m.
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6-7p.m. Fit for Life total body workout
Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm, @ New Creation Church of San Diego, @ 3115 Altadena – San Diego, Ca 92105
Saturday 9-10a.m. Senior Chair Exercise Fit