Thursday, December 08, 2022

Becoming A Gospel Instructor

The Healthy Lifestyle Principles and Group Exercise Certification are available through the YMCA of the USA in conjunction with the GospelCise Fitness Ministries. Trena Bennett, CEO/Founder, GospelCise Fitness Ministries Inc., building a healthy spirit, mind and body is the liaison with the YMCA of the USA for the training in the church body. This 1.5 hour orientation and demonstration class is to enable Church Pastors/Bishops, Leaders, members and volunteers to receive an overview of what the certification qualifies a person to do and to understand the commitment that is required for this 2 – year certification. The commitment includes attending the monthly training (3rd Friday night of the month at 7:00 p.m.) in preparation for the certification test. The certification is: ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual. Current First Aid/CPR/AED certification is mandatory.

Healthy Lifestyle Principles and Group Exercise Certification Description: The Healthy Lifestyle Principles component provides biblical, practical and theoretical information for instructors of all health, dance, worship, praise and fitness programs, including information on effective leadership, basic physical activity and healthy lifestyles principles, and Ministries safety guidelines. The Group Exercise component is designed to train the servant of Christ in the basics of conducting all varieties of group exercise classes…etc. Course content includes the practical application of cardio respiratory and neuromuscular exercise science, leadership and teaching skills for group exercise instructors, behavior modification and motivation information, and a practical session on general exercises selection and execution.

The healthy Lifestyle Principles and Group Exercise Certification are aimed at meeting the Churches of San Diego’s Health, Fitness, Sports, Praise dance, Worship and Community Goal: The overall goal is to continue the mission of the, “Champion for Change” (the old 5 a day program), “Farmers Markets” and the American Cancer Society” Body & Soul” partnership. To build and improve health, fitness worship, dance and sport programs at our Churches and in our community:

To continue the family parent workshops, and bring attention to obesity and health risks by promoting and teaching our churches, youth, adults and community members to eat healthy and stay active.

Providing free & paid exercise affordable classes, nutrition and classes taught by certified fitness instructors who are Godly Spirit filled & Biblically Sound Leaders, and Volunteer Instructors.

To Save Souls build and improve health, fitness and sport programs at our Churches. Promoting and teaching our Pastors, First Ladies, Leadership, Members, Secretaries, Health units, Youth, Adults, Children, Cooks and the Community Members to eat healthy and stay active.


Class Locations

Martin Luther King Rec. Center 6401 Skyline drive
San Diego, CA 92114
Monthly nutrition workshops & Prayer before each class affordable rates: any question? contact Trena at 788-8684

Mondays @ 5:30-6:30p.m.
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6-7p.m. Fit for Life total body workout
Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm, @ New Creation Church of San Diego, @ 3115 Altadena – San Diego, Ca 92105
Saturday 9-10a.m. Senior Chair Exercise Fit